Quantum technology

Quantum solutions for the 21st century.

Quiescent is a quantum technology company developing the next generation of quantum computing hardware.


Cold atom technology

Quiescent are developing new quantum technologies based on cold atom systems.

Cold atoms are the same technology as used for the most precise clocks ever built.


Powerful search

Quantum computers are good at searching difficult problems.  This has the potential to be a game changer for many industries, from pharmeceutical to material science, cryptography to machine learning.

Quiescent is building the hardware and the software to lead this new frontier.


Quiescent Inc. is a US company with laboratories in Shanghai, China.

This merges the best in manufacturing with the most advanced ideas in quantum information technology.

A quantum future

In the last few years, a revolution in quantum information science has taking place.  It is transitioning from a purely academic endeavor studied in universities to a commercial enterprise.

Right now we are at the same stage as when the first computers were being built over 70 years ago.

Can you imagine what the future of quantum computing will look like?